Development & Commercialization

What is the next evolution of your product or service? What is your best avenue for growth or expansion? Our clients want new and unique insight. Anovotek’s idea management and innovation cycle expertise will help you bring fresh ideas to your development efforts and assist with your strategic planning. We also offer expert assistance in all areas of product and process development ranging from rapid prototyping to fast, error-free implementation and full-scale production setup. Additionally, Anovotek maintains a comprehensive database of laboratory and pilot plant facilities that can augment your current resources for product/process development and testing.

Anovotek is skilled at identifying, blueprinting, and executing new product and emerging market commercialization strategies. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide relevant, accurate, and thorough industry and market intelligence to help our clients identify probable applications, markets, and buyers. We diagnose and manage all varieties of potential internal or external intellectual property and regulatory concerns. Utilizing our comprehensive product and market awareness and understanding, we assist clients in building smart, aggressive sales and marketing strategies and effective value propositions for new products and services. Anovotek also has staff committed to contract marketing and sales.

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