FreshForDays™ Products

Anovotek manufactures and sells products containing high-performance technology that allows them to remain fresher with less odor during multiples uses without washing compared to comparable products. These products are manufactured by Anovotek and include towels, sheets and other home products, garments, socks & other apparel, face masks and filtration products, hunting & fishing products and accessories, camping/hiking outdoor sports & leisure products, sports equipment and accessories (football, soccer, basketball, tennis, etc.) military/police/tactical products, products for indoor pets, furniture, recreational vehicle products and accessories.

FreshForDays™ products contain advanced technology to reduce bacterial and fungal growth as well as technologies to capture and/or destroy odor and odor causing components. These products offer great opportunity for export to countries where outdoor activities and sports are prominent, countries where hygiene is valued and in developing countries where water resources may be scarce or sanitary conditions are not commonplace. Anovotek has extensive expertise with antibacterial and odor control products and their application to textile and soft goods as well as other products.


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